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Healthcare Dialogues (HCD)

Basel Chapter

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Networking & Think Tank

with a focus on Healthcare

Enjoy the power of collective intelligence! Join our dynamic think tank and networking group, where brilliant minds converge to share experience and support progress in healthcare.

Be part of the innovation wave – together, we shape the future of health and wellness. Join us and amplify your impact.

The Basel Region has a preeminent place in the Swiss & global life sciences industry. An estimated two thirds of all employees in the Swiss life sciences sector  are based in the Greater Basel Region. Experts forecast strong growth and a positive outlook for the Basel life sciences industry in the coming years.

The HCD Basel Chapter was set up in October 2020.

HCD Basel events are solely accessible to our members.

Guests can also be invited, subject to prior approval.

Most of our events are free of charge, unless otherwise stated. 

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